Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life in "the big sky"

I have been so bad at taking pictures since we've been here.  I know i'll regret it later.  But I wanted to give a little update.  We are doing great.  The boys are all better, Flint actually slept through the night last night, yippee!! Barrett and Luke went with a friend today into town to go to the park, the library, and then the circus.  They had such a great time. They thought the circus was so great.  I guess they had the dirtbikes that ride in the big cage, Luke was fascinated by that.  I'm a little afraid that I might find them trying to ride their bikes in such a contraption.  I'm sure Barrett could build it, and Luke wouldn't think twice about riding his bike in it. We've made some friends that we've been hanging out with a good bit.  David has a little project of putting a new clutch in the truck.  There's a waterpark nearby that we're going to go to on the 4th, and then a barbeque here at the base.  When they said they were having a bbq, Barrett and I were so excited, I've been craving some good old bbq since we left the south.  And then, I realized that to them a bbq is just hot dogs and hamburgers, no brisket or pork.  Barrett was totally confused by that.  It's been record temperatures the past few days.  I think the other day it was 99, but no humidity, I didn't even break a sweat.  Flint is still not walking, but boy does he get so dirty.  The playground is grass everywhere except under the swings, so of course, he just plays in the dirt.  He has the funniest little personality.  And Peter, well, we're trying the potty training thing.  Not going so well yet, but I'm trying to stick it out.  I mean, it's only been a day, but i'm ready to quit. That's about it from here.  We're still enjoying it, and still welcome visitors anytime.


kindra said...

That is the best pix! Your kids are so adorable too. Carrie is here visiting with 2 of her 3 kids and we are having a blast. Luv ya girl and think of you often-

The Laneys said...

Hi Mary,
Enjoying reading your blog. The Laneys are good - Grey just looked at your Mt. Rushmore pic and said he misses Barrett and Luke. He especially misses seeing them at the pool. I'm sure Malcolm would say the same thing if he were awake. He and his daddy love to sleep in the morning. Grey and I are up and looking at his Titanic model that he has been working on.

Mary Carter is getting really big and has absolutely no problem asserting herself with her brothers or anyone else who thwarts her plans. She sings all of the time, and loves to dance.