Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cache La Poudre

We went to a Halloween party last night. Waldo was not happy, but last night at bed time he would not take off the Waldo shirt.
Barrett is Deigo, Luke spider-man, and Flint -well, a horse on the head, but maybe a c ow body, maybe a palamino pony? who knows, but he doesn't care.

The New Belgium Brewery. Home of the Fat Tire!

Luke made his own edible necklace out of animal crackers
Camping in Poudre canyon. We went to a park one day where David fished, and the boys and I hiked, played in the field, and tried to stay away from the very aggresive squirrel that actually jumped into the stroller. Flint went on his first bike ride. Barrett hooked up the trailer to his bike and rode Flint and Peter around the park while we were there.

This the rec. center near Chad and Erynn's house, anyone can go and swim. The boys, including David had a blast. there was a lazy river, huge slides, and a great kid pool. We spent the day there last Sunday, when everyone had recovered from "the bug". The basement is going into full force today. I think it will take a couple of days and then we will head on to new places.

Monday, October 22, 2007

So Chad and David really aren't safe after all

Well, here's the sick update: Chad was sick all day yesterday, David started throwing up last night. We took Karsten and Flint to the doctor, and they seem to be doing better. Hopefully we're all done now. The basement project hasn't gone so well. looks like the campout may continue for a few extra days. I think we may go camp the next few days and then come back to finish.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sick Day

well last night was rough, everybody but David got the stomach bug. it has spread throught he house to Eyrnn and Karsten. Chad and David are safe for now, but who knows. I guess the bright side is we can resume fun tomorrow, now that the sweep has gone through.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Livin Large at the Seidel's

Here are a couple off sweet trucks to start off the Blog update . Notice the tag axle on the truck camper, and crazy bus. We were in 5:00 traffic in Denver when we saw this beauty. the back was not attached exept by a few screws and week straps.

While you are checking out the action on our blog check out the Seidel's page. we have been here hanging out with them and they have some great videos and pictures.

Need less to say, we are having a great time. the weather has warmed way up and and there is a park across the street.

So what has been going on? Lots and Lots.

there really were squirrells in the hotel, we saw them. we swam in the Hot tub for hours at the hotel, the boys would not get in the big pool. Peter made sure to tell us many times "I no like Bubbles"

After the Hotel, where we all showered! We hopped in the old amerigo and headed North.through Castle Rock, and then on to Laffeyette.

Off course, we would never show up empty handed, we have brought some great house warming gifts to the Seidel's. A nice stomach bug, that has spread and seems to be making the rounds, lots of dirty laundy, and screaming kids, and of course the view of the trailer and Amerigo in front of thier house.

This morning brought the first visit of the Laffeyette Police to the Seidel's new home. As I looked out the windows, after hearing Erynn holler "Chad, the police are here" the nice police lady knocked on the Amerigo door. I wish I would have been in there in my Boxers. Anyway, come to find out, it's illegal to camp on the side of the road here in Laffayette. So we moved in, with Chad and Erynn, Karsten, and Aunt Ingrid.

Mary had a Happy Birthday, the Girls took all the Kids to the pumpkin patch today, and Chad and I started on the basement remodel. We are having a nice stay here, getting Mary recharged to hit the road again.

I think I might go fishing tuesday-Friday upon the Cache La Poudre. All is well, we miss everyone.

Check out Barrett's homemade "rescue pack"!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here are some More pictures. the first one is for Beau. Boogie Duelly, the best of both worlds.

Meuller State Park, Colorado

the Boys found a shelter that seemed Much bigger than the inside of our camper. The best part about this park was that today when we were leaving the park ranger asked us when we were going two or three times. they said that check out was at noon and it was 12:30. funny thing is we were one of maybe 4 sites taken out of about 250. I guess it was time for the Garrigans to move on down the road. right now we are in Colorado Springs, or "the springs" as Mary likes to call it now. we have taken over a previously quiet Hotel, where for some reason they put us on the floor that is labeled the Crown Plaza Sleep advantage quiet floor.

The west has brought new discoveries to the Garrigans. the boys favorite restuarant has gone from Taco Casa to Denny's they are living it up. Did you know kids eat free there.... alot. We have also discovered that the Amerigo is much smaller 1500 miles from home than it is 200 or less. we are working on the camper, tp organize and try to make space for everybody and everything. we will leave th Denny's thing alone for now until we find a cheaper place to eat.

Mary's Birthday is on Thursday. Happy Birthday Baby. We all love you.

I fished eleven Mile Canyon the other day. I Love the West, there are Fish everywhere, like squirels in Florida. speaking of squirels. there was a boy swimming in the pool with us that told Barrett and Luke that there are squirels living in the indoor pool room where they have some big huge Crepe Myrtles that remind me of home. they will believe anything. Last night, sitting around the fire, I was eating a mini snickers, and they wanted a bite and then there own. I told them it was a peice of wood off a tree that tasted like chocolate. the tree stands about three inches tall and has on huge red and blue leaf. If they see any they should eat them. It is a good way to protect my snicker stash.

tomorrow we arw going to invade Chad and Erynn Seidel's house for a Garrigan Style sleep over, Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation comes to mind. we will have lots of fun though, I hope they do. Chads Aunt is going to be there too. Full House. maybe we will take them out to Denny's on saturday, kids eat free then. We are trying to decide to head norh or west after that, Estes Park or Glenwood Springs. Mary wants to go were it is warmer, might not be much of a choice. I don't care , I just drive. there are lots of fish both ways.

we miss you all. I hope you are enjoying the updates. post replies, we love to see them. Good night, talk to you next time we have internet..........

Sunday, October 14, 2007

snowy colorado

Heading out....


ok, so I can't get the pictures to do what I want, but here's the garrigan trip update. We left B'ham I guess 2 weeks ago. our first stop was nashville, to see our dear friends the peters. We stayed there for a whole week. David did a lot of work on their house, including a brand new kitchen. but we were able to have a little fun, like go-carts. We thought it would be so much fun to take the boys to the rainforest cafe, but it wasn't . Peter kept thinking the monkey's were going to eat him, Barrett freaked out at the moving elephants, and luke didn't want to look at the scary gorillas. We also made a fun trip to the nashville zoo.

Our next stop was St. Louis. We stayed at the nicest hotel (sideways above) we went to the arch, which my favorite part was while at the top of the arch a lady asked me if I was there for the alternative mental health conference. I'm not sure what to think of that. Of course she also asked if we had a ponny, because apparently she thinks everyone from Alabama has a pony. we saw union station and just had fun.

Next, Kansas, not much to say, Barrett did loose his 2 front teeth in Kansas, and we did stop at rest area with fake palm trees, but that was about it.

We are now in CO, i'm sitting in a starbucks parking lot, watching the snow!! that's right, it's been snowing all day. i'll get the pictures up soon. but we're having fun, the boys built their first snowman today, and we've seen more snow then I've ever seen at home. so that's about it from the garrigan bunch for now. We're heading up to denver in a few days to see our friends Chad and Erynn and David's going to do some work at their house.