Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cache La Poudre

We went to a Halloween party last night. Waldo was not happy, but last night at bed time he would not take off the Waldo shirt.
Barrett is Deigo, Luke spider-man, and Flint -well, a horse on the head, but maybe a c ow body, maybe a palamino pony? who knows, but he doesn't care.

The New Belgium Brewery. Home of the Fat Tire!

Luke made his own edible necklace out of animal crackers
Camping in Poudre canyon. We went to a park one day where David fished, and the boys and I hiked, played in the field, and tried to stay away from the very aggresive squirrel that actually jumped into the stroller. Flint went on his first bike ride. Barrett hooked up the trailer to his bike and rode Flint and Peter around the park while we were there.

This the rec. center near Chad and Erynn's house, anyone can go and swim. The boys, including David had a blast. there was a lazy river, huge slides, and a great kid pool. We spent the day there last Sunday, when everyone had recovered from "the bug". The basement is going into full force today. I think it will take a couple of days and then we will head on to new places.

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