Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's been way too long...... Well, i've decided today that I need to get back to blogging. What an eventful year we've had. I was thinking yesterday how exhausted we've been lately and then I realized that since Dec. we've driven over 12,000 miles on trips! We've been to Kentucky, Florida, Seattle, Back to Kentucky, Spokane, and Colorado Springs. No wonder we're living in a state of unpacked suitcases. And now we're gearing up for by far our busiest time of the year. It's time for VWAP! Vacation With A Purpose. We have 10 different teams coming for the summer. The teams are youth groups, church groups, and families. They will come alongside and help finish the projects that are going on here at YWAM Montana. The biggest project for the summer is renovating the Staff Dorm. It's in despirate need of repairs. They will put new heating, windows, siding, and electrical. And it's all in a time crunch b/c the staff have to move back in the beg. Sept. yikes! it's gonna be crazy! It's so hard to sum up what's been going on with us. But David officiated his first wedding last week in CO. And it was great! I have a feeling he may be doing more and more of them as time goes on. The kids are all doing great. Barrett is in Boy Scouts and absolutely loves it! He has definitely found what he really enjoys. Luke is playing Soccer again and it's like he's in heaven when he's playing. Peter continues to shock us with his ability to read anything you put in front of him. And now he thinks it's funny to do some double digit addition, since he's only 6! Flint is still by far the funniest kid i've ever met! he'll turn 5 in a few weeks. And little princess Allie - well, she's still ruling the house around here. we're having a princess birthday next week. I cannot believe she's turning 3. David and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on the 30th. So it's lots of exciting things happening here at our house the next few weeks. here's my favorite little story from this past week. In preschool they were asking the kids if they knew who Tarzan is? Flint answered - of course - we sing about him in church. So then he continued to sing the Tarzan song---Tarzanna, Tarzanna - Tarzanna in the highest! Too funny, no one had it in them to tell him that we sing Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest at church.