Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Lenten garden

We made a Lenten garden last week for Easter. I think really it should have been done for all of holy week, but i'm just glad we had by Easter weekend. We went on a little walk and collected moss, rocks, sticks and dirt. the boys enjoyed putting the moss it and Barrett got to nail the nails in the cross that Luke made. Peter and I made the tomb and Flint helped put the rock down. It was really fun to read the Easter story to them as we made the garden. We decided that the playmobil men would make good gaurds for the tomb.
Easter Morning, when the boys had woken up, I had moved the rock from the tomb and filled the tray with flowers. The gaurds had run off the side of the tray. That was part of our little Easter tradition, the making the Lenten garden.

Flint's song

Here's a little clip of Flint singing who know's what.