Thursday, June 26, 2008

"The dark side"

I've joked with a couple people about doing a section on our blog about "the dark side" a.k.a real life.  I know it seems like we're living this dream life, so I thought I'd put all your jealousy to rest.   Over the past few days we've all had a bit of a stomach bug.  So just try to picture this:  Peter is sitting in my lap, and all of a sudden he is throwing up all over me.  Now, those of you who know me, know that I then threw up.  So I now have even more vomit to clean up.  Well, David came by for something, Peter and I looking a little rough, Flint doing who knows what, and thanks to my non-existent gag reflex, I can't stop throwing up!  Anyway, we get over that, we put Flint to bed, and the poor thing has thrown up and his whole face and hair is covered in vomit.  I wish I had the presence of mind to take a picture, 'cause it was the saddest, funniest thing i've ever seen.  Well, then Luke, and then Barrett. 
So, I thought we were done, but no, Flint, again!  He's had a little trouble to put it nicely with the whole sleeping at night thing, trouble being that he just doesn't.  So, as he was sitting in bed with David and I at 11:30 watching Semi-Pro, which I wouldn't recommend, he throws up, in our bed!! yuck! I guess the up side is that the boys have had more baths in the past few days then they've had in a long time.   Turns out Flint has an upper respiratory infection. We took him to the dr. today and he started some meds.  I'm not real hopeful that i'll sleep tonight, but maybe some day.  
So there's the dark side.  I can't do this often as it may put me in the looney bin, but I thought some of you would enjoy it.  So i'll just leave you with the thought of what a camper smells like when multiple people have thrown up and then you spray lysol spray all over.  Not very pleasant is it???? I'm pleased to report that after having the windows open all day, the smell is gone, and it doesn't make me want to vomit every time I sit at the table.  Yeah! 
Sometimes I think God goes to extreme measures to keep me humble.  I mean, is so much vomit necessary?  At least I can look out the camper at the beauty that's surrounding us. 

YWAM base pictures

Here are some pictures of where we live.  

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

Here are a few pictures from Mt. Rushmore.  We're having a little trouble downloading from our camera so there's not a lot of pictures.  Mt. Rushmore was pretty amazing.  Barrett, Luke, and Peter all got their Jr. Ranger badges which was pretty exciting for them.

We've arrived!!!

After weeks of traveling, and a mere 3500  miles of driving, we have finally arrived here at the YWAM base in Lakeside, MT.  It is a beautiful place.  As we were driving into town, along the Flathead lake, the water was the color of the ocean in the Caribbean and behind the lake we were surrounded by the snow capped rocky mountains.
We went over to the directors of Mission builders, Donna and John's house tonight and roasted marshmallows.  They have a creek that runs through their back yard and boys love it to say the least.  Barrett was so excited when we went to bed because he had already made so many friends.  There's another family with 4 boys. I think they said there are about 55 kids here on the base. 
I'm going to try to get some pictures tom. to post so everyone can see how beautiful it is here. The craziest thing is that at 10:00 tonight the sun was finally setting.  And it rises around 5 am.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kansas City

Pictures with Grandparents

i wanted to post these pictures of the boys with their grammy and poppie, and mimi and pop-pop. I forgot to put them in the albums, so i'll put them by themselves.

Another birthday Flint

We had another birthday party for Flint while we were in Kentucky.  And Flint decided to just go ahead and stand up in the middle of the yard! We was so proud of himself he would stand up then sit and clap for himself.

Flint's birthday

While we were FL we had Flint's birthday and Peter's too since we'd be gone for his real birthday.  Peter was lovin the fishing pole as you can see.  Flint got to taste cake for the first time, and boy did he like it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kansas City

We've made it to Kansas City. We left FL and drove to B'ham, which took a long 13 1/2 hours, slept in the ice lodge parking lot, woke up and headed to Madsionville, KY.  We did get to stop in Nashville and see old Mr. Peters.  We did sure miss Danielle, but it was fun to see Eric. We spent a couple of days in Madisonville, seeing family and the headed to Kansas City, MO.  The Stalcup's and Armistead's are here so we've hanging out with them.  David, Beau and Jeff left yesterday morning (Fri) and went to a music festival.  the boys have had the best time, and so have I.  I can't put any pictures up cause david's got the other part to the camera. But when gets i'll upload some pictures.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More fun in the sun

We went and visited Grandma Bassitt one morning.  My favorite part from the day was Luke telling me that when he hugged her, he "didn't squeeze her hard cause she's old. 
Lauren and Flint were having their own little pool party together.
We got to spend yesterday afternoon with Michelle and Jeff over at the Bank's house.  It was such a blast.  Barrett was the only boy who would go on the wave runner. Even Lauren went. David went for a nice little ride by himself which ended up being really long. We were all starting to wonder if he was ok.  Well, it turns out he not only has issues with driving fast on land, but apparently on water too.  He got his first speeding ticket on water for going to fast in a no-wake zone.  And he learned your supposed to have a whistle with you, not quite sure the reason for that one, but thankfully the sheriff didn't ticket him for that too.  
We are heading north tomorrow morning.  We are going to Madisonville, Ky next to see David's grandparents before we head west.  Then we will stop in Kansas City to see the Stalcup's and Armistead's and then it's just west til we loose our minds.

10 years and still going!!

David and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary Friday. We had such a great time. We went to dinner, and I got to enjoy some yummy crab legs dipped in melted butter, yum! After dinner we went out to the beach for sunset.  David went all out, he had brought a blanket, candles, wine, dessert. We had a great time just hanging out.  It's amazing how fast time goes. It sure has been a great 10 years.  I can't even imagine what adventures will happen over the next 10.

Peter's so big!!!

Peter has decided that he want's to ride a big bike. So, he took the "maining" wheels off, and away he went.