Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kansas City

We've made it to Kansas City. We left FL and drove to B'ham, which took a long 13 1/2 hours, slept in the ice lodge parking lot, woke up and headed to Madsionville, KY.  We did get to stop in Nashville and see old Mr. Peters.  We did sure miss Danielle, but it was fun to see Eric. We spent a couple of days in Madisonville, seeing family and the headed to Kansas City, MO.  The Stalcup's and Armistead's are here so we've hanging out with them.  David, Beau and Jeff left yesterday morning (Fri) and went to a music festival.  the boys have had the best time, and so have I.  I can't put any pictures up cause david's got the other part to the camera. But when gets i'll upload some pictures.


Michelle said...

I've been so curious where you guys were... helllooo KC! Glad you made it's the new computer? I see you figured out the camera/computer/posting...nice work!

maryg said...

still working on it. do you have skype? we could chat while looking at each other.