Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend of fun

I took the boys on Friday out to a horse event.  It was at this beautiful place called Rebecca Farms.  We had a lot of fun watching the horses and just running around.
On Saturday we went back up to Whitefish for the annual North West Fly fishing expo.  David actually ran into a guy from the fly fishing shop in Birmingham, what are the chances of that? 

Sunday was a great day.  David kept all the boys all day and I just spent the day by myself exploring town.  Usually after about an hour, i'm bored and ready to go back, but yesterday I didn't come home until right before dinner. It was much needed time by myself.

we ended the weekend with a nice little visit to the ER.  After dinner Luke came and told us that something black came out of his ear and it was bleeding.  Well, after a couple of hours of it bleeding we took him to the ER.  it was crazy.  The doctor thinks that there was so much wax built up that it attached to the ear canal and for some reason it came off causing the bleeding.  He's better today and says he can hear better which is nice.  We were so close to going a whole month without any dr's visits. oh well, maybe next month.

A weekend of fun

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whitefish ski resort

Yesterday, Saturday, we packed some lunches and headed north about 30 miles to Whitefish Ski Resort.  It's alot like Highlands' of the South.  Very swanky ski resort.  But, in the summer you can ride the ski lift to the top and hike all over.  It is breathtaking.  You can see the Canadian Rockies on one side, Glacier National Park on one side, and the Flathead Valley (where we are).  We ate lunch at the top and just wandered around.  We had big plans to do the "wildflower hike" which is a 3 mile hike.  But the boys were already tired and the first 1/2 mile was straight down hill, so we thought about it and decided that the 1/2 mile straight up hill was going to be ulgy at the end of the day.  So we just hung out and enjoyed the views.
There was a lady there with a big newfoundland lab and Peter saw it and freaked out yelling, "get that gorilla face dog away from me!" it was pretty funny. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Frankie

This is Frankie - our newest family member, but only for 3 weeks. We are dog sitting for some friends while they're out of town. As you can see, David loves him some Frankie, yes, Frankie is licking David's ear. We just decided, we had so much space, why not take in a dog.

The other day the boys were running around down on the field and they came running up to me and Peter said, "I saw a grizzly deer!" and Luke said, "and it wasn't even in a cage!!" they were so excited. Peter now carries a stick around with him because apparently he's going to bam the grizzly deer when he sees it again. Luke thought he saw a mountain lion, but turns out when he ran up closer, it was just a man standing by the creek. I suppose we should go over the whole- if you see a mountain lion, run away, not towards the animal. There haven't been anymore grizzly deer spottings, but we're sure keeping our eyes for them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Longing for BBQ

So we've been here a month now, and that is by far the longest i've gone without eating BBQ in many years.  We've been invited 3 different times now to different places for a bbq.  Each time my first thought is sweet Jesus that sounds good.  Each time, however, we arrive to find hamburgers, sausage, and this last time, chicken - not bbqed, just grilled.  I don't get it, can't we get a pig around here? Where's the ribs, or pulled pork? So, I went to Costco on wed. and asked the butcher for a boston butt.  He looked at me a little strange, and went and asked another butcher if they had boston butt.  The other man came out and said he didn't know what a boston butt was.  are you kidding me? are there no pigs around here?  So I explained, you know, to make some pulled pork bbq.  He said, oh, yeah, we have some pork shoulder you could use.  Finally, we're getting somewhere.  So it's been cooking since last night and this morning I was adding some sweet baby rays, which thank goodness I stocked up on before we came here and the boys were hovering over me like I had a pile of gold.  Barrett actually told me that he was going to go to the playground because he just couldn't smell it any longer unless I would let him eat some.  
  So, we're having some friends from CO and CA over for dinner.  I wanted to make a proper meal with some fried okra, but you can imagine, I can't find any.  Our friends from CA didn't even know what okra is.  We're definitely going to have to shed some southern comfort foods on these people.  We haven't had one fried thing yet in the cafeteria.  I think there would have been a riot by now if for one whole month there was no fried food. Well, that's my bbq story for the day.  I sure hope it taste good.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July fun.

We went to a waterpark in town yesterday for the 4th. It was a blast. There were a lot of families from the base that went. The water was pretty cold, but the boys didn't seem to mind. After the waterpark, we came home and cooked out. Then, the boys, big boys included, did fireworks. It's a little strange to do fireworks when it's still light out. Barrett was still up at 11, when they did the "real" fireworks. So, he and I went outside to watch them. It was pretty cold, so we we're wrapped up in blankets. How funny is that? wearing a jacket on the 4th of July.

Peter definitely did not enjoy the fireworks. He freaked out and wore some little winter ear muffs the whole time. He kept calling them ear puffs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life in "the big sky"

I have been so bad at taking pictures since we've been here.  I know i'll regret it later.  But I wanted to give a little update.  We are doing great.  The boys are all better, Flint actually slept through the night last night, yippee!! Barrett and Luke went with a friend today into town to go to the park, the library, and then the circus.  They had such a great time. They thought the circus was so great.  I guess they had the dirtbikes that ride in the big cage, Luke was fascinated by that.  I'm a little afraid that I might find them trying to ride their bikes in such a contraption.  I'm sure Barrett could build it, and Luke wouldn't think twice about riding his bike in it. We've made some friends that we've been hanging out with a good bit.  David has a little project of putting a new clutch in the truck.  There's a waterpark nearby that we're going to go to on the 4th, and then a barbeque here at the base.  When they said they were having a bbq, Barrett and I were so excited, I've been craving some good old bbq since we left the south.  And then, I realized that to them a bbq is just hot dogs and hamburgers, no brisket or pork.  Barrett was totally confused by that.  It's been record temperatures the past few days.  I think the other day it was 99, but no humidity, I didn't even break a sweat.  Flint is still not walking, but boy does he get so dirty.  The playground is grass everywhere except under the swings, so of course, he just plays in the dirt.  He has the funniest little personality.  And Peter, well, we're trying the potty training thing.  Not going so well yet, but I'm trying to stick it out.  I mean, it's only been a day, but i'm ready to quit. That's about it from here.  We're still enjoying it, and still welcome visitors anytime.