Friday, July 11, 2008

Longing for BBQ

So we've been here a month now, and that is by far the longest i've gone without eating BBQ in many years.  We've been invited 3 different times now to different places for a bbq.  Each time my first thought is sweet Jesus that sounds good.  Each time, however, we arrive to find hamburgers, sausage, and this last time, chicken - not bbqed, just grilled.  I don't get it, can't we get a pig around here? Where's the ribs, or pulled pork? So, I went to Costco on wed. and asked the butcher for a boston butt.  He looked at me a little strange, and went and asked another butcher if they had boston butt.  The other man came out and said he didn't know what a boston butt was.  are you kidding me? are there no pigs around here?  So I explained, you know, to make some pulled pork bbq.  He said, oh, yeah, we have some pork shoulder you could use.  Finally, we're getting somewhere.  So it's been cooking since last night and this morning I was adding some sweet baby rays, which thank goodness I stocked up on before we came here and the boys were hovering over me like I had a pile of gold.  Barrett actually told me that he was going to go to the playground because he just couldn't smell it any longer unless I would let him eat some.  
  So, we're having some friends from CO and CA over for dinner.  I wanted to make a proper meal with some fried okra, but you can imagine, I can't find any.  Our friends from CA didn't even know what okra is.  We're definitely going to have to shed some southern comfort foods on these people.  We haven't had one fried thing yet in the cafeteria.  I think there would have been a riot by now if for one whole month there was no fried food. Well, that's my bbq story for the day.  I sure hope it taste good.


Erynn said...

so your veggie-diesel truck has consumed more fried food than you have??? now that's sad.

oh and it's a western thing...people here have never heard of okra either.

kindra said...

You are absolutely hilarious! I can't stop laughing! You go girl, I am starting to remember why I love you so much. I am sure that bbq tasted so goooood. When we lived in NC we had the GOOD BBQ too but can't get that here in PA.

chazgamble said...

you provide me with good laughs when I need one! I thought of you and David yesterday as I had Aiden in the high chair and he kept pointing at something. I realized he wanted me to give him this HUGE chunk of chicken. I tried to cut it up for him and he refused to eat it that way. He grabbed the big piece and just took a gigantic bite of it and gnawed on it that way until it was gone. I thought,"the Garrigans would be proud"...We miss you guys,Josh was asking for Barrett and Luke the other day. Hope all is well.

maryg said...

Love those carnivores!

Greg and Erin said...

Girl, sounds like you must be in Poland!!! :) I'm feeling you... I can totally identify! Be blessed way out there! Much love - Erin