Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flint Frankenstein

here's some footage of Flint walking all the way across the camper.  Ok, so it's not really that far.  He'll walk if you tease him with food.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

David turns 32!!!

David's birthday was on Wednesday of this past week.  It was work as usual, but I had gotten a babysitter so we could go out.  Right before we were leaving, the cook came over and said that he had fixed dinner for us.  so, we went to the cafeteria and they had set up a table for us with steak, baked potatoes, with all the fixin's, sweet tea, corn, salad, and bread.  What a feast.  It was a little embarrassing to be sitting and eating all this yummy food while everyone else was eating chicken sandwiches.  Then, someone else gave us tickets to a Jeremy Camp concert at the Northwestern Fair.  So we went and had a great time.  It was my first trip to a fair.  we were walking around looking at all the animals and there was a whole poultry barn.  I thought they must be selling fried chicken in there, but no, they were showing chickens!! just for people to look at.  It was a whole new experience for me. We ended the day with some good chocolate cake.  We even had our first Huckleberry milkshake.  It tasted a lot like blueberry to me, but people here are nutso about huckleberries. 
    There was a team from Pennsylvania here this past week and they got so much work done it was unreal.  they finished building the pole barn, put siding on the dorm and student center, painted the dorm, and painted the student center.  There's a team of 22 here this week from Washington state so they are starting on one of the other buildings tom.   We are still trying to figure out how to fit our little family in 2 dorm rooms.  We've yet to come up with a solution.  I've been scraping paint in the bathroom. someone painted over the tile in there and it was peeling off and just ulgy, so I thought I needed another little project.  I'll get some pictures up tom. but the olympics are just calling my name right now.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


We went to Glacier Nat'l Park for the day. It's about an hour drive from where we are. What an amazing place. It was breathtaking. The water was so clear. There was still some snow on the ground which was fun. It was a little scary looking over the edge and realizing just how high up you are. But it was beautiful.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008