Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend of fun

I took the boys on Friday out to a horse event.  It was at this beautiful place called Rebecca Farms.  We had a lot of fun watching the horses and just running around.
On Saturday we went back up to Whitefish for the annual North West Fly fishing expo.  David actually ran into a guy from the fly fishing shop in Birmingham, what are the chances of that? 

Sunday was a great day.  David kept all the boys all day and I just spent the day by myself exploring town.  Usually after about an hour, i'm bored and ready to go back, but yesterday I didn't come home until right before dinner. It was much needed time by myself.

we ended the weekend with a nice little visit to the ER.  After dinner Luke came and told us that something black came out of his ear and it was bleeding.  Well, after a couple of hours of it bleeding we took him to the ER.  it was crazy.  The doctor thinks that there was so much wax built up that it attached to the ear canal and for some reason it came off causing the bleeding.  He's better today and says he can hear better which is nice.  We were so close to going a whole month without any dr's visits. oh well, maybe next month.

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