Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Frankie

This is Frankie - our newest family member, but only for 3 weeks. We are dog sitting for some friends while they're out of town. As you can see, David loves him some Frankie, yes, Frankie is licking David's ear. We just decided, we had so much space, why not take in a dog.

The other day the boys were running around down on the field and they came running up to me and Peter said, "I saw a grizzly deer!" and Luke said, "and it wasn't even in a cage!!" they were so excited. Peter now carries a stick around with him because apparently he's going to bam the grizzly deer when he sees it again. Luke thought he saw a mountain lion, but turns out when he ran up closer, it was just a man standing by the creek. I suppose we should go over the whole- if you see a mountain lion, run away, not towards the animal. There haven't been anymore grizzly deer spottings, but we're sure keeping our eyes for them.

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Erynn said...

Grizzly deers are kinda like LIGERS - they really do exist.