Sunday, June 1, 2008

More fun in the sun

We went and visited Grandma Bassitt one morning.  My favorite part from the day was Luke telling me that when he hugged her, he "didn't squeeze her hard cause she's old. 
Lauren and Flint were having their own little pool party together.
We got to spend yesterday afternoon with Michelle and Jeff over at the Bank's house.  It was such a blast.  Barrett was the only boy who would go on the wave runner. Even Lauren went. David went for a nice little ride by himself which ended up being really long. We were all starting to wonder if he was ok.  Well, it turns out he not only has issues with driving fast on land, but apparently on water too.  He got his first speeding ticket on water for going to fast in a no-wake zone.  And he learned your supposed to have a whistle with you, not quite sure the reason for that one, but thankfully the sheriff didn't ticket him for that too.  
We are heading north tomorrow morning.  We are going to Madisonville, Ky next to see David's grandparents before we head west.  Then we will stop in Kansas City to see the Stalcup's and Armistead's and then it's just west til we loose our minds.

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