Monday, October 22, 2007

So Chad and David really aren't safe after all

Well, here's the sick update: Chad was sick all day yesterday, David started throwing up last night. We took Karsten and Flint to the doctor, and they seem to be doing better. Hopefully we're all done now. The basement project hasn't gone so well. looks like the campout may continue for a few extra days. I think we may go camp the next few days and then come back to finish.


dottygarrigan said...

Since it's Wednesday now, I'm hoping all are well and you are off to have some fun. Everyone here asks about you. Luke, your buddies at school are missing you and I told them I'd let you know. Pop and I are getting ready for our last pathways class tonight. Love you and hope you're having fun. Mimi

anne & jm said...

john mark and i finally sat down to look at your blogspot... i hope you all are better now. looking at all the pictures over the past few months makes us both really miss ya'll. we can't wait to see you again! it's finally getting cooler here and feels more like fall. the girls wish they had their cousins to trick or treat with... maybe next year? :) give all of the boys a big hug from us- love, anne & jm

Connie, Randy, Amelie, Eva said...

Fish Everywhere.... You got to love it.... The photos of the cars are great.... Is there room in camper for us?