Friday, October 19, 2007

Livin Large at the Seidel's

Here are a couple off sweet trucks to start off the Blog update . Notice the tag axle on the truck camper, and crazy bus. We were in 5:00 traffic in Denver when we saw this beauty. the back was not attached exept by a few screws and week straps.

While you are checking out the action on our blog check out the Seidel's page. we have been here hanging out with them and they have some great videos and pictures.

Need less to say, we are having a great time. the weather has warmed way up and and there is a park across the street.

So what has been going on? Lots and Lots.

there really were squirrells in the hotel, we saw them. we swam in the Hot tub for hours at the hotel, the boys would not get in the big pool. Peter made sure to tell us many times "I no like Bubbles"

After the Hotel, where we all showered! We hopped in the old amerigo and headed North.through Castle Rock, and then on to Laffeyette.

Off course, we would never show up empty handed, we have brought some great house warming gifts to the Seidel's. A nice stomach bug, that has spread and seems to be making the rounds, lots of dirty laundy, and screaming kids, and of course the view of the trailer and Amerigo in front of thier house.

This morning brought the first visit of the Laffeyette Police to the Seidel's new home. As I looked out the windows, after hearing Erynn holler "Chad, the police are here" the nice police lady knocked on the Amerigo door. I wish I would have been in there in my Boxers. Anyway, come to find out, it's illegal to camp on the side of the road here in Laffayette. So we moved in, with Chad and Erynn, Karsten, and Aunt Ingrid.

Mary had a Happy Birthday, the Girls took all the Kids to the pumpkin patch today, and Chad and I started on the basement remodel. We are having a nice stay here, getting Mary recharged to hit the road again.

I think I might go fishing tuesday-Friday upon the Cache La Poudre. All is well, we miss everyone.

Check out Barrett's homemade "rescue pack"!

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