Tuesday, March 11, 2008

David's latest and greatest endeavor

For those of you who think David is a little crazy, here's his latest endeavor, or as I call it, obsession. Veggie oil! That's right, he has converted our truck to run off of waste veggie oil. So, yes, we now smell like eggrolls as we drive. i've been pretty impressed with the whole thing. They have 3 guys going in together to make a co-op for veggie oil. I have a feeling that in a week or two they may have more veggie oil then they know what to do with. Our boys are going to start to think that fuel comes from chinese restaurants. So that's the lastest this week.

Nest week we are heading to GA for a Young Life camp which should be alot of fun. I think the boys will love it.

David, Barrett, and Luke went backpacking two weekends ago, i'll have to get the pictures up. Here are a few pictures from this past weekend. We spent Saturday with John and Joni out on their farm. I got to ride a horse for the first time which was pretty exciting.

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