Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sharp Top Cove, GA

We had the chance to go to Young Life Family camp this past week at Sharp Top Cove in GA. We had a great time. The boys were in heaven, the Stalcups were there also. They rode bikes all day everyday. they had a zipline, water slides, huge rope swing, climbing walls. David and I needed a rest after that week of "vacation" but it was non-stop fun.

Flint ended up with a little oatmeal on his head at breakfast, thank you David.

there were a lot of serious domino games during the week.

There was a western night one night. Peter was the cow for the cowboys. Except he prefered to be a cow with a big gun.

The "big" boys discovered the rip-stick.

The boys had fun in the gameroom playing pool, ping pong, and air hockey

At the carnival.

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