Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leaving the Stalcup-Armistead compound

We sadly had to say goodbye to the Stalcup's today. Apparently in Birmingham, you can have a camper parked in your driveway, but no-one can sleep in it. So, we we're evicted for the second time now. We did get to stay for 8 weeks. The big green machine (truck) got hit by an uninsured driver 4 weeks ago today. We've been waiting for it to get fixed and finally got it back yesterday. Just in the nick of time. The B'ham zoning told Parke that if we were still sleeping in the camper on Monday then they would arrest her. Although it would make for a good story, it would be hard to explain to the boys.
We will certainly miss being there with our closest friends. There's just something amazing about having 11 little boys together all the time and getting along so well. I think God just likes to remind me of how I truly do long to live in community. So, where are we now?? well, back to the Ice Lodge a.k.a. our church parking lot.


Erynn said...

oh man! b'ham police are way more serious than ours! so glad you got the truck back from the shop. what a relief.

Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Erynn said...

where are you these days?