Sunday, November 25, 2007

Socorro balloon rally

Last night we went to the socorro candy cane parade. It was chilly to say the least, but lots of fun. The best part was that the hot air balloons had their baskets on the back of trucks or trailers, and would make a blaze. the boys, and I thought it was really cool.

We woke the boys up again for the second day in a row at 5:30 to go to the balloon rally. It was a brisk 11 degrees out. It was beautiful. I know to people around here it wasn't much of a rally, but we sure liked it. Here are some pictures of some of our favorite balloons. We have just entered Texas and are going to stay in Amarillo tonight.

Today we have driven through Hereford, the beef capitol of the world. there are cows for as far as you can see. I sure could go for a steak right now. We also went through Lincoln, NM where Billy the kid has his last fight. and we went through Roswell, NM where apparently the aliens landed in the 50's. So, we should be in be in Amarillo by morning, up from san anton. Flint is screaming, barrett and Peter are doing who knows what, and Luke is fast asleep. I'm hoping that we get there soon.


Erynn said...

so did you get your steak or what? those are awesome balloons. i guess they better be to wake up that early (TWICE!) to see them. love ya!

michelle j said...

HEY friends!! Mollie said you're back for a bit, and we can't wait to see you! WHAT an awesome time ya'll are having! Don't be surprised if you find me stowing away in the looks like so much fun!
XO Michelle