Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our first broken bone goes to.........

So, apparently there's a reason why you shouldn't go down the slide standing up. Although it did display incredible balance, it also caused 2 fractures in Luke's hand. We spent the morning at an orthopedic dr. in Glenwood Springs today and had a cast put on. it is pretty cool though, it glows in the dark and is completely waterproof. He has to keep it on for about 4 weeks.
Of course, he really doesn't care, he does think it's pretty cool that now he doesn't have to use a baseball bat, he can just hit a ball with his cast.

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Chad said...

Luke - Dude, that is one SWEET cast! Wish I could sign it... I must say that you are still the coolest slide surfer I know, even if you did break 2 bones.