Saturday, November 10, 2007

Flint is 5 months old

My how time flies!! Flint is already 5 months old.
He is so much fun these days. he's started rolling over, sitting up, still spitting up, eating cereal, more spitting up. He has the cutest belly laugh. the boys can really get him laughing. And although he still sleeps about as good as a onw week old, i'd say he's a keeper.


CanCan said...

Hey Garrigans! Parke just shared your blog address on the vine tonight so I thought I'd come visit.
Happy 5 month birthday to Flint! Maybe he will kick it up a notch and start sleeping like a 3 week old.

charles said...

Hey guys! Flint is so cute! I'm glad you are doing well and having fun! I'm sure the new camper is a much-needed blessing Mary!:) You guys are missed and somewhat envied for the road trippin by us Gambles.:)
Take care!
Jen and Charles

Samantha said...

Mary and David,
hey it sounds like you guys are having fun. are you going to live on the road forever? i'm jealous.
thinking of you,
sam and john

Liz said...

Hey fam of six! You are so missed back in ole Alabama. I hope you are having a blast on the trip! Your boys will remeber this forever!___At least 2 of them will! ;)