Thursday, July 9, 2009

God's faithfulness

I thought I'd share a little story about how faithful God is. Even in the little things. A few weeks ago I went through the closets and packed up all the summer clothes that were too small for Flint. I took them over to another family's house to see if they could use them. She then told me that she's been worried, because they had no summer clothes at all for their little boy and she didn't know how she would get them. So I thought that it was really neat how God provides.
There is a couple who are here this week with this team from Washington, who was also here last summer. Well, the other day, her husband walked up with 3 trash bags full of clothes for our boys. In there, were all kinds of winter clothes to fit the boys this coming winter. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you're starting from scratch trying to get warm clothes for 5 kids, it's a big deal! There were ski pants, snow suits, 2 winter jackets and several sweat shirts all that will fit Barrett. What a huge blessing. And then, one more little thing. This past week it's been really warm here and we don't have air conditioning in our house. It hasn't been bad, but the past few nights peter and Flint have just slept in diapers and pull ups b/c I don't have any summer pjs for them. Since all of our added medical bills this past month, with Allie, and Luke's little ride in the ambulance that wasn't covered, pj's are the last thing on my list of things that I'm going to spend money on. Well, last night we got home from a meeting and there was another bag of clothes at the front door that someone had brought over and in it were several pairs of summer pj's that will fit Flint and Peter. I just think it's so amazing that God cares so much about the little things in life. Today, I'm praying for the resurection of the dishwasher. If God cares even about clothes, then surely He cares about dishwashers too.

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Janet said...

Thanks so much for writing that. It is just what I needed today. God is faithful in the big and small things.