Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Southern Yard Art

What is Southern Yard Art? well, some parents spend money on fancy swing sets or playgrounds, but not us. Why bother when you can put the frame of an old jeep in yard and the boys think it's the greatest thing ever! Seriously, they play for hours on it.
We had quite the exciting Father's day around here. Luke was riding on the mini motorcycle and he came around a corner and when he tried to hit the brake, he hit the throttle instead which then hit the curb and sent him flying over the handle bars, in the air, did a flip and landed flat on his back in the neighbors yard. So, in Montana if there's an accident with a child and any type of motor vehicle, they automatically send the helicopter. much to Luke's disappointment he didn't get to ride in the helicopter, he just got to go in the ambulance.
But he's ok, just banged up and he did get 5 stitches in the chin. I'm sure it's just one of the many trips to the ER that we will make by the time the boys are grown.

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