Monday, June 1, 2009

A pink explosion!

Our house has officially been taken over by pink ! From pink blankets, clothes, towels, passys, even socks and hats. who knew you could have so many pink things. The boys have enjoyed having a liitle sister to hold. Flint wants to hold her all the time. Her first week has been great. She is by far the easiest baby ever. We've yet to hear a really mad cry, not even when Flint tried to pick her up. And she's a great sleeper. Last night she slept from 11-4 and then til 7:45! that's better than some of the boys in this house. I think she's definitely a keeper. Mike and Dotty are here visiting and we are just enjoying the beautiful weather. the went to school in shorts today. Mike made the comment this morning that its too cold to be alive. Barrett laughed at him and said, "cold? this is hot!" I thought that was pretty funny.

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