Monday, April 20, 2009

Nesting begins

We're at the 4 week count down and the nesting has begun. Only I can't figure out why it's called nesting, because although I want to get all these things done and in order, really I just want someone to do it all for me. I start out strong in the morning but by lunch i'm done and in need of help. My big project that I wanted done was to move the bunk beds into the other bedroom. The story of the bunk beds began when David built them in the dorm when we were going to move in the fall. Of course he can't just build free standing beds, these were custom, built into the walls, quite impressive. So he moved them into our house in Nov. and I was determined that they should go in the small room and then I'd put the other 3 (baby included) in the big room. I guess I was having a mental lapse when I thought that would be a good idea.
So saturday began with David taking down the bunk beds, yet again and moving them into the bigger room. He then patched all the holes left from the removal. Sunday he got up and started painting the baby's room. I had some paint in the closet and thought it would be great to paint a kakhi color, that way, if it's a girl, throw some pink in there, and if it's a boy, i'll finally get to use the cute lime and blue bedding I bought for Flint but never got to use. So the boys and I played outside enjoying the perfect weather, while David kindly slaved away at painting the room, his less the favorite thing to do. he was thrilled when after 2 coats of paint I walked in and realized that I had actually given him the wrong gallon, and instead of a nice kahki color, we now have a sage green room! He was delighted at the thought that there's good chance i'm going to want it re-painted in a few weeks. I think i'm going to have to bake a lot of blonde brownies for my penence for this one. i'm still not sure if I'm convinced that putting 4 boys in one room was a good idea either, but it's all i've got for now, so we'll see how it goes.


TimG said...

Nice to see another Garrigan coming into the world!

All the best,

Tim Garrigan

The Stalcup Journey said...

I love your stories! I miss you already. Who can I share the insanity of so may boys with!?