Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BBQ, Sweet tea, and Sonic slushes

Flint getting in touch with his feminine side on the princess bike and strawberry shortcake helmet.

Oh it's good to be in the south. We flew into B'ham last tues. night. We started the day at 4:30am, leaving Lakeside in the snow and driving 5 hours to Bozeman, MT, a 5 hour drive to the airport. The boys loved flying and did amazing on the plane. We've been in B'ham enjoying some nice weather and some good food. Luke turned 6 on Monday and we had a cold birthday party at the park. The boys have had so much fun playing with their cousins and friends.

Our bug scout, Luke found a dead snake that David had run over with the lawn mower. They were fighting over who got to play with it.

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Doug and Brandi Smith said...

where are the pictures of Mommy and her tummy :)