Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's in a name???

I've been trying to think of baby names and as usual I've got nothing. Whenever we have picked a named we always look at the meaning and want it to be a strong name with a good meaning. Well, the name Flint means "to spark a fire". Sounded like a good, strong name. however, I never really wanted him to literally live up to the meaning of the name. But apparently he's going to. David's been in Santa Fe, NM this week, so i've been single momin it, which I don't know how single mom's do it. Anyway, the other day I started a fire in the wood stove and went to fill up the dishwasher, I look in the living room and realize that Flint has gone and found a stick that Barrett's been widdling and has stuck it in the fire and is now running around the living room with a torch! He hit the fleece blanket with it, which burned a nice size hole in the blanket and i'm yelling and frantically chasing him while he just looks at me with a look like, "what's the big deal?" oh my! So I recover from that and then yesterday, the boys had gotten home from school and one of them had gone to the bathroom. I can't understand why it's so hard for little boys to flush the toliet, or close the seat cover, or shut the bathroom door, but apparently it is. So I realize that Flint is in the bathroom, I run in to find him swirling gloves around in the toliet, which if full of human by-product. Again, I'm yelling and totally grossed out, trying not to throw up as I fish out poopy gloves. Flint has run out of the bathroom and into the living room. I come out, and realize that he's thrown yet another pair of gloves into the fire!! If we can somehow harness the love for gloves and fire into something good, then we're onto something, but for now, this little boy can just wear me down.
So, for this next little one, i'm looking for a name that means sweet angel that sits in the corner and reads books and doesn't provoke his/her mother to anger! If anyone has a name that means that, then by all means please share it with me. So the lesson for the week is making sure the meaning of the name is a good one. At least Flint is giving me lots of good stories to share.


Erynn said...

By far, one of my favorite posts. Thanks for the big laughs, Mary! I can't imagine you didn't barf when fishing out those poopy gloves - you and your weak gag reflex.

Joy Seidel said...

Every once in a while I check out your blog and I'm never disappointed! Mary, your life with all the boys is always a barrel of laughs. Thanks for sharing your stories! I'm almost crying from laughing so hard!

The Stalcup Journey said...

if you would just let him wear the wet, poopy gloves then they wouldn't catch on fire. see, it's as easy as that.