Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine's day to remember

I was hoping for a nice peaceful Valentine's day. I had about 8 single girls over for dinner, since David was out of town, I figured we should do something fun. Well, I don't know why I think any day will be peaceful. First, back it up 2 days, Flint again with the fire. This time he put a coloring book in the fire and then pulled it out. So we now have a nice burn in the carpet the size of a coloring book. I called David crying and that's when I realized I was starting to wear down. So yesterday, I'm getting stuff ready and Barrett and Luke are in their room yelling. I go in to find that Flint has climbed their ladder all the way to the top and has his hands on the ceiling! So after several spankings he finally quite climbing. For toady anyway. Then they were all wrestling and Luke somehow did a back flip over the couch and hit his head on the coffee table. He hit it so hard that the table actually broke. Then we made it til bedtime, I sent Peter in to go to the bathroom. For some reason he was on top of the countertop and fell off head first. I still can't figure out how going to the bathroom involves needing to climb on top of the sink, but he now has a nice golf ball sized bruise on his forehead.
So we survived Valentine's Day. The boys spent about 5 hours sledding today which wore them out nicely and they were all sleeping peacefully be 7:30. Ahh, the joy of a quiet house.

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Katherine said...

We didn't burn my parents' house down, but when we were in Marietta two weeks ago, Nicholas stuck his hand in the fireplace while there was a fire in it and got a second-degree burn on his hand. He screamed for three solid hours, and for DAYS and DAYS afterward, it was like he was on Burn Watch. He'd come to me several times a day and have me examine it, tell me if any part of the blister started to tear, if it bled, if it turned colors, that he needed Motrin for the pain, etc. Even though he was in pain, it was still sort of amusing.

But FLINT sounds like a real firebug. :)