Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think we missed January

I have no idea how a month can go by so fast. It seems like we were just having Barrett's birthday and now it's almost Valentine's day. Wow that happened fast. Here's a quick update on what's going on here:
- the fall DTS ( Dicipleship Training School) returned from outreaches. There were 85 students and staff who traveled in 4 teams to Egypt, Cambodia-Tailand, Costa Rica, and Cambodia. We were able to spend a night last week at our community meeting hearing about their trips. It's so amazing to see how God is working in these students and through them throughout the world. I love seeing how some of the students have changed after their outreach.
- The winter school is in full swing. There are 25 students in the winter DTS, and 12 in the School of Dance. The SBS (school of Biblical Studies) is going strong in the winter quarter. They've completed the new testament and have now started the Old Testament.
- We are able to have a little taste of home for a few months. One of our dear friend's daughter is here doing a DTS. it's really fun to have her here with us.
- We also had a visit from some other friends from home, John and Samanatha. John is helping with site development on the base, and really help with an overall plan for the base (as far as structures go: classrooms, dorms, houses, etc.). We had such a great time with them. We went skiing for a day for the first time with out kids. it was so much fun. It's just so great to have old friends come and see us. It's always encouraging to be able to share about what we're doing here and have our friends get to see the big picture.
- work has been continuing on "the slab". The building will be used for the facilities shop and auto shop and classrooms. We were talking to one of the staff who grew up here on the base. She was telling us that she remembers when she was about 12 and they spent the day on the base praying over it and asking God what the plan was for it. There was a work day on Saturday and it was great to see people from all departments and schools come out and work together in the snow to get the building done.

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