Friday, October 9, 2009

The snow is here

Can it be? Is it really already snowing? As i'm sitting here by the wood stove watching David outside plowing the roads and walkways this early. I guess summer if officially gone. I'll post some snow pictures later today.
its been a busy time around here the campus is completely full. There are about 35 people from the Titus school leaving tom. for outreaches to Tailand, Cambodia, nepal, Ukraine and a few other places. DTS and SBS are in full swing. The base has been given a motel which is really exciting and the owners of it are actually going to pay to have it moved to here! God is so amazing. It will be 12 extra suites for housing couples. This is a huge blessing. Also, the new facilities/auto shop is underway being built. The foundation is ready and the building should start arriving in a few weeks.
The boys, and girl are doing great. Luke has a renewed love for school, thanks to a great teacher! And Barrett is doing great in school also. Peter is going to preschool on the base and is the only boy with 7 girls. And he loves it! Such a lady's man. Flint is making us and everyone around him laugh daily. His personality is like no-one elses. That little boy will do anything for a laugh. yesterday he was walking around outside with Bear claw slippers growling at people while wearing his spiderman shirt of course! And Allie is still the calmest, most content, easiest baby ever! Oh we are so blessed with your little ones. Barrett and Luke are getting so tall, their not so little anymore. I'll get some pictures up very soon. We're having a harvest party tonight which should be fun for the kids. Which reminds me that I starting making a flower costume for Allie and have yet to finish it. I should get sewing!

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Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It's already been snowing in Jackson, Wyo., where my sister lives, too. I can't believe it ... it's still in the high 70s here! Can't wait to see more pictures of the kids! Miss you.