Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did the summer go?

I just realized that's it's been a month since i've posted any pictures. We had a crazy August. My parents were here for the first week which was a lot of fun. We went up to big mountain and rode the ski lifts and rode on the new alpine slide. We also had a little adventure on water. We went out in a friends boat and a wind storm came up and it was quite the trip which ended in someone coming and picking us up at a different dock then we took off from.
David's granddad passed away August 7th, and so we loaded up in the car and drove 36 hours straight to Kentucky for the funeral. It was nice to see family and for them to meet Allie finally. We also decided to skip on down to B'ham to go to church on friday. Funny how after driving 36 hours, a 5 hour drive seems like nothing. I used to think it was such a chore to drive up there.
The trip was true to Garrigan style, after about 15 hours of driving the engine light came on, then after about 30 hours, i'm driving along chomping on some pita chips when I realize that i'm missing half of my tooth! So when we got to KY we got the car fixed and I spent David's b-day getting a new tooth. does a wife with a full set of teeth count as a b-day present? I guess it will this year. Once we got to b'ham we were ready to head home and the computer crashed, so we thought we should fix it while we were there, since we bought it from there. Long story short, someone was able to fix it and then we car fixed another 3 times.
So, we finally leave, towing a trailer with the beloved Amerigo in tow (the beautiful truck camper that was left there last summer). we made it almost to South Souix city, Iowa when the car messed up yet again. The boys liked my suburban now sounded like a hot rod. I personally was a little embarrased. So, we were able to get it fixed yet again, and then just drove the rest of the way to get home.
wew! it's nice to be home and try to get back into the swing of things. We arrived home on Sunday, and monday afternoon we started staff training for 3 days which was a blast. So that just about sums up the past month. Sadly, I don't think I took a single picture over the past month.

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