Friday, January 9, 2009

A busy week in Lakeside

It's been a very quick, busy week here in Lakeside. The weather has warmed up a bit, which is nice except for the think layer of ice that covers everything. David and his crew have been busy to say the least to try to clear the ice off of roofs, sidewalks and streets. We welcomed a new DTS (Discipleship Training School) there are 27 new students from 8 nations. We had a big welcome morning on Monday to welcome them to the base. Tuesday, we took Barrett to a Mongolian Grill for his birthday dinner. He loved it, you can watch them cook your dinner in front of you. Wednesday was his birthday party at school. Everyone in the class made him a birthday card and we sent cupcakes for the class. Thursday was eventful, started with taking Flint to an Orthopedic hand specialist. His broken finger was not looking right, so they did x-rays and the dr. said he thought it was fine, still broken, but straight and they could see new bone growth. Then I had a dr. apt, we got to see baby ice cube on the ultrasound. we're happy to announce that we're having...... a healthy baby!!! We didn't find out, I think it's a boy, but of course at one point I thought we were looking at the face and it was really the kidneys, so i'm not banking on my predictions! I'm hoping for a calm weekend, I think the boys will go skiing and I may try to paint a wall or two and get rid of the white color that covers this house.

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