Monday, September 29, 2008

We've made it to the Southeast!!!

After 4 long days of driving, we made it to Kentucky. I apparently forgot to pack the adapter to download pictures, so i'll have to get another one. We left Montana Monday around 1:00 and made it all of 4 hours. The next morning involved a trip to Urgent Care, 2 with ear infections, 1 asthma attack. We then endured through Wyoming, what a long, dark, not so exciting drive. we made it CO to spend the day with Chad and Erynn, what a treat.
From CO, we spent a very long day in the truck, til 2:30 am and made it past Kansas City. Wow!
So, we're in Kentucky, and leaving tom. for B'ham. We're so excited about seeing family and friends, although we're really missing the base and the people there. I'll hopfully post pictures soon.

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