Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life in the parking lot.....

I've had a lot of people ask me what's life like in the parking lot, well, it's crazy, fun, annoying, habitual, and sometimes very frustrating. We've been parked in our church parking lot for 2 months now and are waiting to head out west to Montana. We are the envy of little girls and boys. I had a little girl Sunday come up to me and say, "you are so lucky to live in the parking lot!" I'm glad someone thinks it's awesome. One boy asked his dad if they could sell their house and move to the parking lot.
I could do without the dumpsters being dumped at 4am or the constant fork lifts going in and out and all the traffic, but I'm trying desperately to be content with where God has me, and apparently for now it's just here in the parking lot. Having people in and out visiting all the time is what keeps me from going in sane.
David and I have talked about how God wanted to make sure that Lazarus was good and dead before he raised him from the dead and how it's the same with us. I think the parking lot is another way that God likes to remind me that I need to be good and dead from my own desires so that He can raise me from the dead. Hopefully we'll be leaving our concrete world soon and head to the beauty of north west Montana. I'm getting very anxious to get on with the journey, but trying not to miss out on today's adventure. We're headed out now to zoo, decided to try again after tuesday's failed visit.

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Erynn said...

you definitely get the mighty in spirit award, mary! see you SOON!